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For experience and proven leadership.


It has been an honor to serve the students and families of the Northshore School District as a member of the board that was named 2018 Washington State Board of the Year, as well as Washington State Board of Distinction for four years running.


Specific accomplishments over the last 4 years I’m most proud of include:

  • increased access to childcare, music, hi-cap, and mental health supports;

  • opening new/upgraded facilities to provide safe learning environments;

  • decreasing opportunity/outcome gaps;

  • adding safety and equity teams in all schools;

  • 2 fully inclusive campuses and expanding inclusion across the district;

  • opening a mastery-based program, Innovation Lab High School;

  • advocating with legislators partnering with the community to support our students and community during a global crisis; 

  • providing 1-1 learning devices and internet access for all students;

  • distinguished budget presentation award by GFOA, 2019; and

  • College Bound Program Gold Star Award, 2019

Recognizing the challenges and disruptions over the last year and a half, this award-winning board acted quickly to guide and serve our community in a global crisis. I am so proud of the work we have done and the future of education as we now move beyond the pandemic. 

But critical work must continue: 

  • Continue the vital work of assessment and pandemic recovery

  • update our approach to assessment and the profile of a graduate

  • advocate for our legislature to fully fund education and close the $21M special education funding gap, among others.

  • close opportunity/outcome gaps,

  • continue moving toward students as individual learners, and

  • provide that support and access in early childhood. 

​​I will continue to leverage my passion for public education to proudly serve you over the next four years, utilizing my skills and background in science, management, budget, legislative advocacy, team-building, teaching and troubleshooting.

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