Why Vote for Jackie

  • Experience: See 'In a Nutshell'

  • Giving back to this community and supporting public education is my passion and dear to my heart----it made running for re-election an easy decision.

  • I have spent the last four years training and learning and becoming involved in the running of this school district. It is not an easy task. To be effective in this role requires an enormous amount of time and dedication, study and participation, but also empathy, consideration and foresight--all of which I bring to the board.

  • Board members must learn current law, policies and legislative issues while reviewing, updating and advocating. You must familiarize yourself with contracts, budgets, finance issues, constantly changing mandates from the state and OSPI, rules, regulations, every school and its plans and needs, the students, families, teachers, staff......it goes on. I now 4 years of that critical experience.

  • I came in with the background and experience that allowed me to come to speed quickly. But recovery from crisis and trauma requires continuity and steady leadership. It requires experience. Our students deserve it. 

  • When I found myself navigating this job in the midst of a global pandemic, my scientific and management expertise--and 2 years of on-the-job training--was key.

  • Now we must maintain experience and leadership at the helm to see us through recovery and the new world of education as we keep our students healthy and in-person.

  • This is why I am running for re-election. This is not a time for inexperience. The job before us cannot wait for 2 years.

This Board is dedicated to and focused on kids—thoughtful, respectful and inclusive in their actions and policies—the kind of organization I am proud to be a part of.

But we still have work to do; work that requires experience and detailed knowledge of what our students need. We must ensure that all students are able to recover from any impact from the global pandemic--this year. We must continue to close opportunity and outcome gaps. We must continue moving to individualized, innovative instruction. We must continue our progress in inclusivity and access at all levels.

And we must do more, which is why I humbly ask that you re-elect me to a second term to allow me to continue our work toward quality, equitable education for all students.

My experience in education

  • I was raised in public schools. I know firsthand what they can be and the opportunities they provide. All children deserve the quality, equitable education we aspire to.

  • The last 4 years I have worked on the NSD school board, visiting every school, and have been involved in all aspects of all grade levels, reviewing curriculum, school action plans, special programs, regionalization and on.

  • I am familiar with and knowledgeable about the needs of all our students and teachers, in all grades. It is this objective, big picture of education that is needed.

  • I taught Biochemistry at college and community college levels.

  • I have been a tutor, teaching assistant, college professor and mentor.

  • Science and education have always been a part of my life.

  • I raised my own 2 children and was involved in every aspect of their education, from early childhood, to preschool, primary, secondary, college and beyond.

  • Add to that my own extensive education through post-doctoral studies.

All that experience reinforces my view that teachers are heroes. They help raise our kids. Our schools help shape our kids. If we care about our children and their future, if we care about the well-being and future of our communities, we must invest in our schools. We must provide our teachers with the support and resources they need to help all students reach their potential---to prepare the next generation that we will all depend on.

About Jackie

I was raised in the midwest, in a working class family, with 7 siblings. I attended the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, where I earned a double major in Biology and Chemistry.


From there I went to graduate school at Northwestern University, where I earned my PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology. This is where I also met my husband.

After school and further training, I moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue a career in the Biotechnology Industry, where I worked until 2015.

I have lived in the Northshore School District for almost 30 years, during which time I built my career and raised 2 amazing humans. I also supported every levy and bond that came our way, to do what I could to help support public education.  

Photos, from top:

  • Me with my Husband of 35+ years

  • Me with my son and daughter

  • Our 2 golden retrievers; Sadly, Mei (left) is no longer with us, but we are working on a sibling for Mozzi.


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