There are many issues before us and far too many to cover here, but below are some of my main priorities. What are your priorities and concerns? Please let me know.
  • Ensuring Covid recovery for every student 
  • Early Childhood education access and opportunity
  • Innovation in teaching--meeting every student where they learn best
  • Improving/upgrading our aging facilities
  • Continuing our work around providing technology to accommodate every student
  • Continuing our work toward district-wide inclusivity
Closing the opportunity & outcome gaps

Northshore leads the way in this state (see accolades for our equity work). We have come a long way, but the data tells us that many students still experience exclusion and disparity in educational opportunity and outcome. We still have students who are marginalized and at-risk who we will work to include in the success of the Northshore School District. The Northshore Diversity and Equity Policy and the Racial and Educational Justice Department is a testament to the commitment and character of the current board.

Equal STEAM participation & opportunity

As a woman in Science, I have always been a strong advocate for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) curriculum, particularly for those who have historically lacked access. I have spent a career, and my time as a NSD Director, working toward equal access and inclusion in STEAM and all career paths. I hope to continue that work in my second term. I have seen the progress we can make when all who come to the table are served equally.

Educating the whole child

As a scientist, I am all too familiar with the need to nurture both sides of our brains--both the technical and the creative; mathematics and music; physics and art. If one is ignored, the other suffers. All are critical to the successful education of the whole child and we must ensure that no area of education suffers or goes unfunded. Arts, physical education, technical training, etc., need to be emphasized right alongside core curriculum.

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