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You can help me reach out to our neighbors. Talk to your friends, fellow parents and residents on social media, email/facebook.

We will be coordinating doorbelling, meet-&-greets, sign waving.

Bring my campaign literature and speak at local functions about our campaign.


I appreciate your support!

Grassroots is the baseline of a truly democratic process and that's how it should be. Every little bit helps and every little bit is appreciated. Help us continue the good work of the Northshore School Board!


Change happens from the ground up. Every Election is important!

Be an informed voter and make sure you vote your whole ballot.

If you haven't registered, please follow the link below.

Other ways you can help:

  • Post and share Jackie's and the School Board's success stories and qualifications on social media!

  • Post a campaign sign in your yard (on a visible corner/street).

  • Help distribute yard signs.

  • Send emails to friends, family, neighbors to encourage them to support Jackie.

  • Call or mail postcards to friends, family and neighbors.

  • Host a gathering to meet Jackie and introduce your neighbors or organization.

  • May I list you as a supporter?

If so, please contact me below or send me an invitation!

I want to hear from you!
Contact me using the form below.

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Jackie McGourty for

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